Noir Group

In 1997, along with childhood friend Gideon Eliyahu, Rafi Bader opened the first of his restaurants, done entirely to his own taste – Café Noir. In a matter of days, the French-style Tel Aviv bistro became one of the city’s most successful restaurants, and remains a winning brand to this day.

In 2004, after substantial investment of energy and resources, Sebastian was founded. A modern brasserie, Sebastian is rooted in classic European tradition, with creative cuisine, bar and décor. Sebastian provides top-notch food and atmosphere around the clock to a varied clientele of business people and local Herzliya and Hasharon residents.

In 2008, The Fourth Floor was founded – a new concept in local event space. Rafi Bader transformed an industrial building in South Tel Aviv’s urban backdrop into an event hosting spot, designed and furnished as a massive loft with an extensive collection of art and one-of-a-kind furnishing. Looking down through the massive windows you can gaze serenely at the frenetic cityscape below.

Noir Group is currently one of the leading culinary and hospitality groups in Tel Aviv. The team is made up of leading professionals in the food and beverage industry, from management to operations.

Rafi Bader: “At Café Noir we have a bird perched on a shelf. From the day we opened, the bird stood on the shelf in a specific position, and that is how it must remain. Every day, when I come into the restaurant, the first thing I do is check that the bird is perched just so. I believe that if the bird remains just as it should, the napkins, too, will sit on the tables just as they should. It is my mantra that the bird perched in its place is not something to be taken for granted. Neither can it be taken for granted that customers will choose to return to Café Noir time and again. One must pay meticulous attention to make sure things continue.”