The Fourth Floor

In a large converted industrial space, overlooking the urban streets below, The Fourth Floor provides a unique event space in Tel Aviv.

The large space is designed to look like a large residential loft, with a unique collection of furniture, art and design. Massive windows stretch along the length of space, from which you can serenely gaze at the frenetic pace of the city below.  The various seating areas are a part of the concept that gives the space the feel of a private residence. In the adjoining kitchen dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients, while in the dining room counters display an abundance of fruit, vegetables and in-house baked goods. Professional bar service offers a selection of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, wine and coffee from behind a large bar with ample seating.

The Fourth Floor is part of the Noir Group, which specializes in hospitality and cuisine. Our experience in all areas of hospitality allows us to offer a wide range of events of uncompromising quality, including weddings, family gatherings, launches, and parties. We also hold conferences in the artistic, culinary, and business fields. We know that every successful event needs professional skills and planning, so we manage your event from the planning stage until the last guests depart.

  • Private and corporate events (up to 350 people)
  • Lunches, dinners, breakfasts, brunches, and cocktail parties
  • Lectures, seminars, musical groups and professional and cultural content

“At the entrance of The Fourth Floor, a large corkboard displays owner Rafi Bader’s inspirations. In this colorful, cluttered and eclectic collage, you will find pictures of artist Julian Schnabel’s studio, still images of old film noir, graffiti, pictures of Katz’s deli in Manhattan, photographs of Tickets Bar and Tapas 24 in Barcelona, a poster for the film ‘Montenegro’ and images from the films of Emir Kusturica including ‘Black Cat, White Cat,’” explains Bader. “I did everything here almost entirely on my own. It’s like a home, like I’m inviting people to my studio.” – Merav Sarig, Globes